IAM Training + Full Configuration and Working Methods | Native English Speaker; No Heavy Accent

Hey guys,


I've been working with IAM since mid 2021. I've accumulated a decent bit of experience in troubleshooting issues and finding new configurations and methods for harnessing traffic from Instagram using various black hat strategies. Prior to IAM, I've spent years working with Jarvee and can offer a lot of knowledge on Instagram automation as a whole.


I am capable of teaching you how to run Mass DM campaigns with a close to 0% hidden rate, how to execute the Mass Mentions strategy, and how to utilize IAM's Comment Liking add-on to boost your comments to the top of any trending post. Each training session comes with a run-down on targeting, scraping and filtering (hint: there's a better tool for gathering a target audience list than IAM) and we will execute a campaign of your choice together on your desired strategy. I charge $250 for an hour of my time and it usually only takes me about an hour and a half to explain and configure each method. I will provide all of the essentials you'll need inclusive of 300 accounts and one 4g proxy to use throughout our training session. 


If you're looking to become your own supplier of DMs and Mentions, you can count on me to deliver the goods in a clear and simplified fashion. Reach out to me on Telegram to get started: @maximaticx

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25 ноября 2022 в 11:57
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jekmar 25 ноября 2022 в 14:12 #
I take 69$ for training lol , I teach the same t.me/Jekmar

Pedro 03 декабря 2022 в 23:02 #
That may be but some clients prefer to communicate with someone who's a native language carrier and not plagued by a heavy Russian accent. Of what use is $69 training if you can't understand 75% of your "teacher" is telling you?
Intofantasy 26 ноября 2022 в 19:40 #

Pedro 03 декабря 2022 в 23:02 #
Feel free to reach out to me on TG: @maximaticx