ATTENTION!! Cyber-Inst is a scammer, Don't work with him

Hi All,


Please take care from someone called Cyber-Inst here in the forum, He says he can send mass dm but all the accounts are blocked in seconds and take your money and waste it, After that he will spam your personal account and business account with comments like this:

Ahmed El Bana
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27 декабря 2022 в 17:34
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27 декабря 2022 в 19:16 #
This stupid Indian bum wanted to do it for 30 dollars 50k dms, it's 0.6 dollars for 1000, I warned that it was crazy and told him the normal price, well, bat he think that he is the smartest, that he may not respect us, not work, not his cheap business, of course all the accounts died, because there were total not enough of them and i had to do many many circles, any way he get 10 message, 10 new clients, so its 3 dollars for a client hmm not bad for a scammer, and after this write bad things about me, well ok, have oll proof of conversation, let people laugh at you poor indian, i well do more comments for you ))

28 декабря 2022 в 08:41 #
и ник у него подходящий :D