I need a tutorial sourse in Whole english ( Pay you, we can discuss)

First of all, the followings are my demands.

  1. Follow specific IDs
  2. Like specfic post (with URL)
  3. Interact with some specific IG ID
  4. Leave commment on post and press post like(Mass)
  5. Watch specific's stories 

Here i got around 50k accounts which are made via simulator, and i have my own proxies (residental proxies 160pcs)


Due to the software still contains lots of Russian words, it is not easy to read it, i am looking for a professional expert with this software.

Please let me know your telegram ID, i will add you.


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06 марта 2023 в 14:22
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CHEREP05 17 марта 2023 в 22:41 #
Telegram - cherep05
Vadim 11 мая 2023 в 19:04 #