❤️|Full training. | Setting up methods for sending DM |PROXIES | English support |The lowest Price

❤️Individual training on working with InstAccountManager and other programs


Arbitration and mobile proxies are on sale at good prices Contacts in telegram t.me/bestdmservice


There is an assistant service for sending DMs from your remote computer


❤️During the training you will learn:


What programs to use for work

What types of accounts and proxies are there and why are they needed?

Where to buy accounts and proxies for work. Stores where I shop myself

I will show you step by step the algorithm of actions and setting up the program for sending DMs.

How to set up a remote computer to work 24/7 so that you can do your own thing and have an assistant do the mailings

How to collect potential clients and what services can be used to do this as cheaply and simply as possible

How to test sending a single message before sending it out

Mailing limits and why they can be blocked

How to work when Instagram servers are overloaded and accounts are often blocked

BestDM Service
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06 октября 2023 в 11:28
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13 октября 2023 в 14:57 #
Подобные обучения с новорегов - скам. Сольют настройки на 2 А4 листа и епись сам. Что бы не говорили. Ищите проверенных с опытом от 1 года - НЕ МЕНЬШЕ! За него могу поручиться https://t.me/evhes_r
22 октября 2023 в 00:05 #
My Telegram won't let me text you.... https://t.me/ig_contact
Sonny Driscoll
27 октября 2023 в 15:32 #
I purchased a training service from this specialist. This was my best decision! Answered all my questions and gave me an understanding of many of the program's capabilities. I recommend! This is the best teacher of all!

26 декабря 2023 в 13:44 #
Whats your telegram? Got a question for you
BestDM Service
08 ноября 2023 в 12:45 #
the offer is valid
08 ноября 2023 в 13:04 #
12 ноября 2023 в 11:25 #
Completed the training, liked everything, good specialist

26 декабря 2023 в 14:25 #
Hi mate, whats your telegram? Got a Question on the program!
BestDM Service
27 ноября 2023 в 10:23 #
the offer is valid
28 ноября 2023 в 02:49 #
waste of fucking money dont buy from him just watch the ytoutube videos, he sends a bullshit guide 1 time and then never answers questions and deletes his old accounts. He is not a scammer, it is just a waste of money
04 декабря 2023 в 12:28 #
I trained with several teachers on this forum, this one is the best of all. She answers all my questions quickly and constantly supports me. Best service, thanks bro

Reza Darvishi
28 декабря 2023 в 12:27 #
Hi. Please message me on telegram. I need to know something about this bot https://t.me/namjoo59
BestDM Service
20 декабря 2023 в 11:14 #
the offer is valid
26 декабря 2023 в 13:43 #
Not getting any response anymore from this teacher. Started off well then they disappeared
11 мая 2024 в 14:59 #
Sonny Driscoll
07 июня 2024 в 00:29 #
response me?