[Help Needed] Mass accounts creation "that code isn't valid. you can request a new one."

Hello everyone,

I land on this error code"that code isn't valid. you can request a new one." when registring new accounts, I use Microsoft adresses. I have checked manually that the code shown are the code received in the inbox. 

Anyone facing the same problem?


rakitin dols
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20 октября 2021 в 04:33
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VAVILON 20 октября 2021 в 21:39 #
maybe POP settings ?
rakitin dols 22 октября 2021 в 01:50 #
Thanks for your help,
If you mean by pop the IMAP settings page, all checked correctly. and i find inboxes full of Instagram emails, i don't think it's caused by pop/SMTP settings.
Since the codes I find in the logs are the same as received in the emails, Is the content sent to Insa is different?

VAVILON 22 октября 2021 в 23:58, изменено 22 октября 2021 в 23:59 #
Demonstrate the problem +TEXT LOG ACC

rakitin dols 27 октября 2021 в 15:55, изменено 27 октября 2021 в 15:59 #
Thank you very much for your interest in helping, I really appreciate it.
I did the following tests :
1 - Launched accounts creation using Around 20 hotmail/outlook (fr/com) emails, with quality proxies(using them in testing accounts) proxy per account.
Result : 2 accounts created all the others didn't get the correct code from the email inbox.(I tried different set up, Captcha and sms activation in place)
2 - Launched accounts creation using 3 Gmail accounts (imap enabled and less secure apps too)
Result: 3 accounts created with no problem.
Conclusion: in 18 / 20 outlook accounts I received 7 digits confirmation codes
2/20 outlook 3/3 Gmail received 6 digits confirmation codes
Only the 6 digit confirmation code is handled by the InstAccountManager , in the log files of the accounts with error I only find 6 digits codes always with one number missing at the end(compering it with the code from the email).

Meanwhile, I have to start using other email accounts for the moment so I wonder what emails do you use and if you know any reliable software to create emails. Or some trusted suppliers with good prices.
Thanks again.
Rusty 27 октября 2021 в 23:35 #
Yes I am having the same issue "That code isnt valid, you can request a new one" error

I am sure the pop settings are correct. Also I checked the email and the code is received in the email.

Any fix for this?