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Mass DM is the most powerful tool to grow your account on Instagram!

Hi! We are providing quality DMs service since 2018. Our DMs comes with push notifications and stay in inbox for  long time.

We've merged the message and the comments!
  • User receives a dm
  • User gets a comment on most recent post telling them to check dms
  • Means more people open the dm, including if a small percentage go to hidden - these get seen
  • 2x the push notifications to someone's phone
  • DM's get noticed and attention!


How much does it cost?


Instagram Mass DM + Comment:


From 50k DM's: $2.0 / k


From 100k DM's: $1.9 / k


From 250k DM's: $1.7 / k


From 500k DM's: $1.5 / k


From 1M DM's: $1.1 / k


To get the the special prices, just mention us in the thread so we could know it's you and send us a message on Telegram


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Roman 20 июня 2022 в 18:17, изменено 21 июня 2022 в 00:28 #
Roman 21 июня 2022 в 00:28 #
taking orders telegram @RomanovRR
Roman 29 июня 2022 в 02:03, изменено 29 июня 2022 в 02:04 #
Stan 02 июля 2022 в 13:09 #
It was cool, I'm glad that I met an honest supplier, I ordered from everyone ... and there was always a fraud on the price, the price was higher than the price, stating from Roman 7 times and happy, the speed and quality are the BEST

Roman 11 июля 2022 в 14:32 #
Thanks bro
Stan 16 августа 2022 в 12:08, изменено 29 августа 2022 в 14:39 #
@RomanovRR cool teacher
Sam Lucsa 18 августа 2022 в 12:34, изменено 18 августа 2022 в 12:34 #
scam, look at you commenting on your own stuff above...and stealing my thread info

Roman 29 августа 2022 в 14:40 #
prove that I'm a scam, you stupid deceiver is offended by the fact that all your guys have gone to me ... now you're crying ... you had to not deceive people, but do your job honestly
Roman 11 сентября 2022 в 22:27 #
taking orders telegram @RomanovRR