15$ for 10k dm ⁉️ Yes bro I'll send a dm for you, for 100K I take 100$❗️❗️ for 100K I take 800$❗️❗️❗

Hi Bro 

Now I offer you the best DM sending service!

I will bring you many clients for a nice amount

10K DM - 15$

100K DM - 100$

1M DM - 800$

If you find cheaper, I will give you a discount 

You will be happy when you start working with me
Any doubts left?

Best Service
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09 сентября 2022 в 18:31
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Panagiotis Samaras
09 сентября 2022 в 20:39 #
everyday a new scammer in this forum

Best Service
10 сентября 2022 в 21:20 #
Bro? If someone scammed you,
you should not blame those with whom you did not work.

Best Service
10 сентября 2022 в 21:22 #
If you are embarrassed by the price, then you will be surprised at how cheap the cost of sending dm is now.