BULK DM SERVICE - Cheap and high quality Bulk DM Service - Send millions of DM per day

About the service

This is a high-quality bulk email service that can be used for various purposes such as increasing the number of accounts, finding new customers, generating traffic, increasing engagement, promoting offers (CPA) or increasing brand awareness.

How it works?

We discuss the results you would like to achieve, and based on this information, we advise what type of DM and target settings will be most effective. After discussing the details, we will clear all users based on your target settings and start sending DMs to your target list. We can easily ship over DM 1 million per day. On average, email messages stay in the recipient's inbox for over a week.


50,000 mailing : $3.0  per 1000

 100,000 mailings: $2.8 per 1000

 250,000 mailing : $2.6 per 1000

 500,000 mailing : $2.4 per 1000

1 000 000 mailing : $2.3 per 1000

Prices are inclusive of scraping.

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